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Glittering Boost Digital
We’re a tech start-up with BIG dreams and we’re on the lookout for talent!
  • you're already seen everything that the IT industry has to offer? Well, think again!

  • Looking for a truly unique experience? Join our team to brave new frontiers!

  • We've secured funding from our overseas partner and are gearing up for our first product!

Our work encompasses the following sectors

Mobile Apps
Web Apps
Data Streaming

But we also have plans to go beyond!

Join us now so we can take this journey together!

Company History

Glittering Boost Digital was founded in Taiwan in 2012. And in November 2018, the Singapore R&D division was established. Here in Singapore, we're new to the scene and aren't afraid to flaunt that.

For the Singapore office, we treat ourselves as a startup. There's no tech baggage to inherit from any prior projects, no office politics to navigate around and we're receptive to using whatever technology stack suits the immediate requirements of the our upcoming projects. We're like a literal blank slate, eagerly waiting to be filled in with dreams and ambitions.

We've already secured funding from the Taiwan HQ and are actively hiring at this point. We have plans to start work on our first product before the end of the 2018.

  • 2012
    GBD founded in Taiwan
  • 2013
    Launch of product Alpha
  • 2014
    Launch of products Beta and Ceta
  • 2015
    Launch of products Delta, Gamma and Echo
  • 2018
    Singapore GBD office opened

Meet the Team

I’ve seen many "high-tech" companies emphasise the importance of technology, but most of them fail to walk the talk. Bringing Glittering Boost Digital in to Singapore, is my way of walking the talk.

In the past 11 years, I’ve witnessed numerous missed opportunities in the gaming industry. There remains great potential for innovation and creativity in this industry. With its huge talent pool and continuous drive towards technological excellence, Singapore is the perfect place for this initiative.

I would love to see the rising stars join us in this amazing journey to revolutionise the gaming industry.

  • Development
  • Product
  • Design
  • Maintenance & Operation
  • 24hr Customer Service

Available Positions

We're currently hiring for numerous developer positions!

Our planned technology stack will require people with proficiency in:

  • Android
  • ios
  • .NET
  • Angular
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Contact Us

We are located at

8 Temasek Boulevard #08-01 Suntec Tower 3, Singapore 038988